Week 7 Last blog-Zihan(Amy) Bai

6 ways to balance your personal and professional social accounts

Through this term, I had to learn we need to let people engage more in media communication and understand the strength of using social media. A lot of people are still afraid of using it because they either feel unsafe or confused. For example, in my other psychology class, I learned media abuse or verbal bullying though media is a big issue. However, if parents do not let children explore or have the basic knowledge of how to use social media properly, the negative reinforcement will more likely increase the behavior. The school system and family system should build social media learning into their daily lives.

Social media can be very useful not only to express feelings or make friends but also for people can find a lifelong career through social media as well. I heard my friend one time he just posted a blog, a boss in a big company saw his talent and contact him immediately. He is the kind of person who does not like to go out. No one thought he will find a job this fast. However, by chance, he showed his strength online. Furthermore, due to my own experience, I had made so many friends online. I had a homemade bakery and I was using Wechat to advertise. I got a variety of customers during that year. Even though I did not do baking for a long time, those people are still helping me when I faced problems. Social media is like a tree’s root and you are using the branches to reach out to different people.

Papers are easy to lose but storage online and blogs are hard to lose. When we do not have social media we used people’s minds to remember big changes or use books to pass on pieces of knowledge. However, if we write down the history on social media, not only we can remember but also fast to share with other people as well. Also, for applying for a job nowadays, we just do a zoom interview instead travel all the way there if we are going to apply for a job oversea. More and more jobs are requiring technology skills so it is good to learn how to use social media. Social media might influence personal identity but as time pass, society will shift to a new generation and everyone will need to explore social identity in some way.



https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-319-02490- 5_5

Final Project-Zihan(Amy) Bai

Video for the group: (Podcast)


-Describe the key characteristics of any discussed social media platforms.

-What features & characteristics of existing media technologies make them effective for personal


Hey folks, my name is Zihan Bai, but you can call me Amy. I am currently studying major of psychology and am a fourth-year student. I would say I am a bit old fashion don’t use social media a ton. I only used WeChat, YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, and Spotify sometimes. However, I can not live without social media. I had learned a couple of social media key characteristics such as content creator, building a profile, and instant communication. Social media also created several media terms or slang that make conversation easier. Content creator basically means users or anyone can create posts and post videos online. It brings human connection closer especially during pandemics. For example, when we study online or family/friends are living in another city, we can reach out to them easily. Even without being around us all the time. When they see the post that we share, they will know what is going on in their life. Creating post also help social interactions and express emotions or even solve personal problems. For example, one time my old house pipe broke, and the house got overflowed. Then, I just make a post looking for help in my Facebook group. A couple of minutes later, there are a bunch of people message me to help take a look and find a 24-hour plumber as well. People don’t let you wait. If I was trying to fix the problem myself, it might take a day or two. In the teaching system, teachers are posting information all the time. It will get to students faster and easier for them to make changes as well. Furthermore, people build profiles on different websites to find jobs. It helps build the economy worldwide. Creating images, text, videos, and symbols are easy tools. It is probably easier to send a face emoji because it is a direct express feeling instead video calls or meet up.  Sometimes people say it is hard to see what other people think but emojis or symbols make direct connections.


– How does the technology allow you to enhance/develop your digital identity/reputation?
-What are social considerations that should be accounted for?

How Technology Enhances Our Digital Reputation

Digital Identity is the image that we project to the entire world and is crucial to our communal and business success (Hall, 2021). This allows us to create our identity online and hopes that others will recognize us online. Kelly notes that most of us are using social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in one way or the other (2019). These social media platforms enable us to build our online identity through the messages, pictures, and information we post online. Similarly, through the accounts we follow and are tagged, individuals who use social media platforms build a reputation for themselves (Hall, 2021). In essence, the advancement of technology in the social media sector has provided us with an opportunity to build our image which can be leveraged to secure employment or business contacts.

Social Considerations in Building Digital Identity

One of the social considerations when creating a digital identity is the possibility of such an identity being the basis of profiling. This implies that one has to be careful with regards to the information they leave behind online as this might be used to discriminate against them. Another social implication of digital identities is the issue of unsolicited consent. Khatchatourov & Chardel (2019) argues that digital platforms, especially social media, involve exposing tones of personal information online that most companies extract and use without the consent of the owner of the information. This brings the issue of privacy breaches as most companies tend to take ownership of the information in our digital identities without our knowledge.


-What are the ways the technology tracks and uses your data – how can this be used to benefit a PLN?
-What are the strengths and weaknesses of the privacy, security, and acceptable use policies for the social media platforms.

My name is bingxin Xia, I will talk about discussing the social media platform usually contains many arguments. People will start a debate on a certain topic, PresentING THEIR own arguments upfront and giving corresponding evidence to support their arguments. In many cases, however, when people get too emotional, the discussion turns into a personal attack. People often bring their own prejudices about certain regions or certain social groups into their debates.

Modern media can make it easier for people to learn, they provide the following help to make it easier for people to master the knowledge they need. First of all, many media allow the existence of dual pictures. That is to say while looking at the gestures or expressions of the lecturers, we can also see the slides they made. Therefore, we can more easily understand the relatively obscure content. In addition, modern media also provide a variety of subtitles. If we hope to master the knowledge, it will be taught by foreigners, and our foreign language ability is not enough for us to understand the content taught by foreign lecturers. In this case, we can better understand the knowledge mentioned in the lecture by reading the subtitles.

There is a teacher from Austria(Who’s Hu) on the Chinese website bilibili. The young Austrian taught learners how to make western food, such as ice cream or pizza. This youngster quickly attracted many fans and ranked high on bilibili’s food teaching list. The audience liked the young Austrian not only because the food he made tasted good, but also because he could teach in Chinese throughout the course. His Chinese pronunciation is accurate, clear, and easy to understand. This allows many Chinese who want to learn authentic western food to learn authentic western cooking methods.

Food bloggers, including this young Austrian, usually use appetizing images as the cover of their videos to attract more followers to learn how to make these dishes. In addition, they also like to simplify the steps of making these delicacies as much as possible and use common ingredients to replace some exotic ingredients to ensure that learners can easily obtain these food-making materials. In order to get more attention, they also tried their best to reproduce the food of some restaurants. They try to choose well-known dishes from well-known restaurants, and the more refined they look, the better. After they successfully reproduced, they filmed the process of making this dish, accompanied them with their detailed explanation, and then presented the video to the audience. To facilitate the audience to learn.

Bloggers usually use the number of followers and the number of followers to determine whether they are successful. If in a short period of time, their number of followers has skyrocketed, it means that a certain video they made is quite popular. Others weigh their success by the number of ads they receive. Getting enough ads means they can make more money. At the same time, if the advertising company is willing to find them for cooperation, it means that the advertising company recognizes their teaching videos.

Who’s Hu. White Sausage Breakfast.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zdv4xNV8j7M 2022


Provide examples of individuals who have used a PLN to become leaders in a field of interest, and discuss their presence on the platform?

How do they use social media platforms to build their reputation/presence?

Hello everyone, my name is Tengfei Shi, my major is economics, and this is my last semester at Uvic. Many individuals have used PLN to become leaders in a specific area, and we want to introduce Pamela Reif as a famous blogger in the physical fitness area, She is 23 years old and from Germany. She joined YouTube in 2013 and has 8.83 million subscribers to date. Pamela is not only a blogger but also a fitness teacher because she created the efficient fat-burning exercise by her name, which is practiced by many netizens.

  Pamela’s success has a lot to do with the spread of social media. In 2012, as a high school student, Pamela noticed that her video about food and selfies on Instagram was getting a lot of attention, and she realized that fitness could get more attention on social media. So she decided to make some exercise videos and post them on social media, and just a year later, she has half a million followers.. so After that, Pamela decided to create her own fitness channel on YouTube in 2013. Pamela makes her work stand out from the rest of the bloggers by highlighting the details in her videos. Clean and beautiful backgrounds, simple and clear post-production(Brock,2019). At the same time, Pamela keeps up with frequent updates and actively interacts with her fans. On average, she updates her YouTube account four times a month and her Instagram account 15 times a month. She shares her workout plans on Instagram, encourages others to practice together, and posts workout videos on YouTube. In terms of fan interaction, Pamela will guide her fans to re-share fitness and training, so that one-way fitness videos can become interactive two-way content and further improve the spread on social media! And improve her PLN quality. Those followers on YouTube who have successfully lost weight will share Pamela’s channel with their friends. Her Intimate interaction with her fans has also increased engagement, and finally become one of the top fitness bloggers on YouTube.

Brock, D.(2019):The Journey To Top Blogger : This course will give you great tips how to become a top blogger and generate a passive income., Scribl, 2019. ProQuest Ebook Central, https://ebookcentral-proquest-com.ezproxy.library.uvic.ca/lib/uvic/detail.action?docID=6375604.


How would you know that your PLN is a success?

Hello everyone, my name is Tianxiang wang, you can also call me Wang or Huni. I’m a senior in economics and I’m a big fan of social media software like Tiktok, Instagram, and WeChat. My question is about how to know one’s own PLN is successful. I think page views and click-through rate are the most important things in Tiktok, and a lot of click-through rates can increase the exposure of the video so that more people can see it. There may be various advertisers among these people, and they will contact you to cooperate if they like your video. Earning money from videos is also an important factor in proving success. Views and comments and followers are more important in Instagram. Many celebrity entertainers, company leaders and government officials like to post announcements, plans or people of preference through Instagram. The number of fans in instagram can be said to represent the popularity and the success of the account. A large number of followers is beneficial to the speed and influence of the information you publish. If you have tens of millions of fans, a sentence, a video or a photo you share may be recognized and promoted by millions of people. One of my favorite Instagram bloggers is Edison Chen, who has 3.11 million followers. His account is edcee3000, where he often shares photos of his family and art. His work is fashion brand clothing, the clothes he wears and the brands he designs are loved and sought after by tens of thousands of people. The most used social platform software in China is called Wechat. Its main sharing features are videos, photos and texts that only friends can see. The social reach is limited, but the amount of likes and comments is the most important way to succeed. Good sharing can be recognized by friends and increase daily understanding and joy. A lot of social costs affect how people socialize. Wechat can be a good solution. Only friends can see and share. On the one hand, it protects privacy, and on the other hand, it allows shy and vulnerable groups to better show themselves. This is where it is very successful, and it is a very successful embodiment. If you are a professional media social platform worker, among the most used social media software. Your PLN brings you a lot of income, so it must be the most successful for you.



Week 6 blog-Zihan(Amy) Bai

A Warming Arctic is a Warning for the World | International Institute for  Sustainable Development

The video provides a good explanation of the first-person story is very important. For example, for the residential school story, if those stories are all second-person or third-person stories, it can be hard to believe. Due to individual understanding and differences, everyone has their own point of view and opinion of those stories. However, if the person who experiences that posts their experience, then there are going to be fewer misunderstandings. Further, Brad Baker made a really good point about willing to be vulnerable. Sometimes, being vulnerable can be an advantage to learning and stepping back to see the truth. A lot of time, it is difficult to see the thing clearly once you are in that situation, but once you step out, the fog will clear up.

In my point of view, I had used Facebook to attach to my learning experience. For example, I had found my study group on Facebook through the Uvic channel and I sold/exchange my textbook through Facebook as well. It is not only helping myself but also helping those people who need those textbooks. Facebook is really helpful for daily communication. For example, we found rental places, second-hand chairs, and plumbing job support. People will give you support whenever you need it without waiting hours. People will just comment on your post no matter is a stranger or friends. I had never used Google classroom but I heard it is a very beneficial tool for teachers to post assignments and share grades. Teachers do not need to use the tense of paper just to print one assignment and announcement right away if they need to change something. In addition, I recently joined Discord which I had never heard of before. My friend had his own channel and I found classmates in the same class. I had struggled to find bits of help, but once I join discord I found so many classmates were chatting through that app.

Social media is a very protective space to share personal stories without shame or harm. There might be people judging you but people will not know who are you. It might be the best ideal for social anxiety in long run but it is really helpful for them to heal little by little. The Arctic example is really good. For their vulnerability, social media is going to help them to make money and build the economy. Maybe people just do not have enough knowledge about what the Arctic looks like. However, if they see those beautiful pictures, people will more likely to go visit. It is a good way to explore and share. Also, social media is helping self-direct and self-regulation. People are seeking help by themselves instead of a teacher guiding them. One teacher can only provide one or several ways but if people do it by themselves, there are hundreds of ways to reach the goal. It affects the fast learning and desire of learning.




Week 5 blog-Zihan(Amy) Bai

Nowadays, we are more curious about what notable people’s life is because we never heard or thought about them before. However, once I had listened to the podcast, I heard the journalist used social media as a reflection and learning tool. Even though there are so many people who disagree with or are against her point, she still did not give up on using social media. It is beneficial to take to people who are in the same field and learn from each other. For example, she mentioned that there always going to have one people who are watching you 24 hours just to pick up on your mistake. However, she is using those negative not to influence her mood too much. Instead of that, she is using those commendations to reflect and think in deeply. She is using a variety of social media platforms to express herself. Also, she is not afraid her personal life on Instagram will expose on Twitter because she knows Twitter is another world. She said people will learn about her personality in a professional way. People all have different opinions, so those people who are famous should not take everyone’s opinion into account. Furthermore, everyone had made mistakes. It is not a shame to make mistakes, it is important of conscious and willing to change them.

Media literacy is something people should learn not just in the classroom but also in the company and society. It is something we all should be aware of or keep in mind. Media literacy is not a rule to be afraid of, it is a bucket we all working on. Media literacy shapes our personality on social media and knows what we should say and what should not. It is the way to know who is out there to watch. As the other podcast said 2 plus 2 can be 5 if everyone believes that on social media. People really should separate what is fact and what is personal opinion online. Otherwise, it will be a big conflict for society to deal with the real facts being misunderstood.

Online Learning & Media Literacy | Renee Hobbs at the Media Education Lab


Online Learning & Media Literacy



Blog week 3-Zihan(Amy) Bai

It is very interesting to hear all the perspectives on social media. As those two guest speakers said, “everybody has their own preference for what to use on social media. ” We will never think we can have some conversation with people who work for politics. I think those people as higher-level people who we can not even reach. However, this week’s blog helps me understand, that no matter who they are and where they work, they still use social media as a resource to communicate with people.

We all have an inclusive goal to reach is using social media to communicate and see others’ thoughts. For example, we never thought social media can connect people that closely, but when we face some difficulties such as pandemics, social media is probably the only way to still connect with real people. Social media bring people as a whole family. On social media, there are no level or value differences. Everyone can speak their own thought like there is no header that will say I am your teacher or I am your boss. As the guest speaker mentioned, she has a book club that everyone can join with a nickname. People just share daily life or struggles. There is no society to control who can speak or who can not.

However, it might be challenging for elder people who want to use social media but lack of knowledge to understand how to use it. They are probably afraid of judgment or scare to share. For example, back in the day, there is less old people use Tinder because they see that as a shameful thing to do. Now, there is more variety of people who use Tinder not only to make friends but also to have real connections with people who are in the same position. Also, it is hard to reach everywhere around the world who have the dream but can not achieve it due to poverty or environmental challenge.

Social media have a big impact on people’s life. We all have something we are seeking so we use social media as a tool for help. We are still individuals who are special and have different thoughts but we come on social media as a whole. We share experiences and feelings, people are doing the same thing too even though we use different social platforms. We can find more people who have similarities than in reality.





Comment on Tengfei shi V&R map post-Zihan(Amy) Bai

Hi, Tengfei shi,
Thank you for sharing your map. It is very interesting to see other people’s perspectives. It is very interesting to see and a little surprise that you put Wechat in the Resident Institutional area because I consider Wechat is a very private space even though I use it to communicate with people who work with me. It is good to see you think this way but just keep in mind the privacy because you do not want to share everything through Wechat. Especially nowadays, we have to update personal banking information and ID on Wechat.
Furthermore, I agree with the point you make that data privacy has a double side. I mention that in my post as well like it is good to develop the social media platform and widely used around the world, but the data privacy is a very big issue that people’s information can be stolen to use for advertisement or other stuff. https://shitengfei.opened.ca/week-3-plnvr-map/?unapproved=3&moderation-hash=d82259d4d525e76f7ad5fac9d0ee65ea#comment-3

Week 3 blog-Zihan(Amy) Bai

People all know social media platforms are helping in our daily lives such as communicating with one other, finding jobs online faster, understanding what is going on around the world, and easy access to online tools. However, sometimes online data is not very safe and secure. Last week, the video said online data privacy would protect individuals, but there are still cases like people getting scam phone calls daily. Online data privacy does give the same security so people will feel comfortable using online banking or shopping online. On the other hand, there is a tense website that is not that safe. Once we click on one page, we are basically under the company advertisement target.

In my social network, depending on which social platform I am on I will use a different digital identity. For example, if I am on Instagram or Snapchat, I will express my true feeling without worry someone judging me. I will post and share my happiness and sadness whenever I want through those social platforms because I am comfortable with them. However, if I am on Facebook or Wechat, I am totally different person because the stuff I post may affect my job or work environment. Sometimes I will use Facebook and Wechat to find jobs, so my boss and family members will see what I post and how I express myself. In this situation, I will just post something I feel valuable and carefully pick what I can say.

I think I am aware of what I post online and sometimes I am totally the opposite person online and offline. If they ask I think the best answer is no one actually shares their fully real self in real life so it will be considered acceptable if they see me too emotional online. Furthermore, depends on the company and position that I apply for, not all companies care what we post as long as the post is not against racism or law. Social identity is always a little bit different than real self-identity because we feel more comfortable online than in real life. As long as we are aware of what we post and say that is not a huge deal.

Digital Identity-Zihan(Amy) Bai

Due to social norms, social media is getting popular worldwide. It is beneficial for daily life like communicating with family or friends who are not living in the same city as us. The network is helping people grow knowledge. For example, it is straightforward to know what is happening in China when we live in Canada through news and social media platforms. Also, it will be powerful to help the economy grow like people using e-transfer or online banking to transfer a big portion of money instead of writing a cheque to give to someone face to face. The youtube video describes how time is money and how technology can help save time (World Economic Forum, 2019).

In my point of view, people should separate personal digital identity use and professional digital identity uses. For example, people are using express emotions on social media like Instagram or Snapchat. People like to share their daily lives and enjoyment through social networks. However, if people show that digital identity for professional context, it might affect their careers. Companies like to see the real side of us through social media but people should have privacy and share what they like to share on social media instead of being careful in every single word they use.

Social network does give people a lot of opportunities like post personal experience, post job opportunities, connecting people when we face pandemic, and working together without feeling anxious (Rajagopal et al., 2012). It can help people who are afraid of public speaking and give them a chance to express themselves in a comfortable way so we do not miss their talented side. However, as the video explains social networks need to have clear laws to maintain and make sure people’s information is safe. We need to separate the information about what is private and what can publish in public. People need to learn the social trend and understand what is right to say if they post something in a public area. It is hard to keep up because time and topics are changing so fast.

Digital identity can help in various ways. If people get an ID they can make bank accounts and travel. There is still half of the population did not exposure to social media or digital identity yet. So, people need to work together to let people understand what is the benefit of using social media and make the social network more stable and secure.

How digital identity can improve lives in a post-COVID-19 world | World  Economic Forum


World Economic Forum. (2019, Febuary 5th). Davos 2019 – Press Conference The Value of Digital Identity for the Global Economy and Society. YouTube. Davos 2019 – Press Conference The Value of Digital Identity for the Global Economy and Society – YouTube

Understanding personal learning networks: Their structure, content and the networking skills needed to optimally use them
by Kamakshi Rajagopal, Desirée Joosten–ten Brinke, Jan Van Bruggen, and Peter B. Sloep.
First Monday, Volume 17, Number 1 – 2 January 2012

Introduce myself-Zihan(Amy) Bai

Hi guys, my name is Zihan Bai but you can call me Amy. I am forth year student study in psychology. I like cooking, listening to music, playing basketball, hanging out in the bar during the weekend with friends, watching movies, and doing outdoor activities. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in those things. 😉

I have a female dog name, Yuki. I brought her all the way from China. And she is 4 years old now. She is pretty friendly and a little bit scared of the big dog which makes sense. She is tiny haha. If you have a small dog welcome to a dog date or dog walk together.

I like helping people and I am happy to help each other out. I am currently studying emotional topics and youth mental health. If you need some help during Covid or life in general I might be able to help. I am dealing with my own mental health problem too so you are not alone. Life is hard but never stop fighting.

Nice to meet you all! Here is my contact information!



Assignment 4-Insomnia lesson (Zihhan Bai)

Lesson plan:

How To Overcome Insomnia


Learners will be able to understand the definition of insomnia, the main causes of insomnia and the way to improve sleeping quality.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based.

By then end of the lesson, learners will be able to:

  1. Define the scientific term “insomnia”.
  2. Understand the cause of insomnia.
  3. Analyze the main symptoms of insomnia.
  4. Understand the way to improve sleeping quality.
  5. Create a detailed proposal that can overcome insomnia.

Prior Knowledge

  1. Learners will need to know how to use and create a PowerPoint Presentation.
  2. Learners will need to be familiar with how to use Screencasting, iMovie and other software to record screen and edit video.


  1. Define the scientific term “insomnia”:
    1. Text instructions
  2. Understand the cause of insomnia:
    1. Text instructions
    2. Image
  1. Analyze the main symptoms of insomnia:
    1. Image
  1. Understand the way to improve sleeping quality: Text instructions
  2. Create a detailed proposal that can overcome insomnia:
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Screen capture
  • Video


  • Learners evaluation: learners need to submit their detailed proposal to overcome insomnia.

Here is our link of the video: 


Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from insomnia due to many factors such as stress, environment, and bad habit. Our group wants to make this lesson because we want to help people in this stage to improve their quality of sleep. As we know, sleep is the most important thing in our lives and can affect a lot if we do not get enough sleep. A night of good sleep can change the energy and attitude for the entire day.

We developed this lesson online by using the PowerPoint presentation and the video to make it more effective. In this lesson, we emphasized the main point based on the multimedia principle that we learned through this course. We tried to use as much as we can to help the audience engage and learn something by end of the lesson, such as multimedia principle, split-attention principle, modality principle, redundancy principle, signaling principle, coherence principle, segmenting principle, pre-training principle, self-explanation principle, feedback principle, personalization principle, and embodiment principle. We did go through all the principles that we had learned so far before we created this lesson so we tried to use all of the strategies that can help the lesson. We also used the two theories, which are cognitive load theory and dual coding theory to help the audience work on long-term memory by using both visual and verbal information to create a retrieval cue or image in their head.

Due to human individual differences and personal preference, we created some signals to enhance the important content by using big bold letters and changing letters into a different color. I always find this useful tool in helping me study because the different colors will immediately draw my attention and I will tend to look longer. People easily lose attention if the information was overloaded or too many words, so we use the coherence principle and the redundancy principle to reduce the distractions by using limited words combined with images and graphics. In this situation, the audience will not get bored by dry words. Furthermore, the combination of the segmenting principle with the modality principle will give the audience an opportunity to choose whether they like the voice or not. If they are not able to listen to the voice, then they still will get the basic understanding just by watching the page. However, we do prefer the audience learn with the voice on because it will increase the engagement using human voice based on the personalization principle.

Insomnia can be easily treated if people are aware of the cause and how to solve it. Sometimes we can help ourselves out by changing habits and managing our lives. If insomnia gave big trouble for our life we might need a family member to help us or seek therapy. Human behavior will only change if they want to; so I will suggest people who suffer this improve the self-regulation and self-awareness skill first then see what we can do. I really hope this lesson gave a taste of insomnia. We wish to help more people in general.

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